Playing System

Summary of the rules of the International Floorball Federation (IFF):

4 Playing system of the world championships

4.1 The Adult World Championships

4.1.1 The Adult World Championship shall be played qualiofications and a final round.

4.1.2 The final round shall consist of 16 teams.

4.1.3 The WFC final round shall be played in 4 groups of 4 teams each. The forming of the groups shall be decided in a ballot based on the final rankings of the two previous Championships of the same category, where each group will be alotted one team from each basket as follows: Basket 1: Ranking 1-4 Basket 2: Ranking 5-8 Basket 3: Ranking 9-12 Basket 4: Ranking 13-16

4.1.4 Continued play after the group matches shall be as follows: Quarter-final 1: 1st group A - 2nd group B Quarter-final 2: 1st group C - 2nd group D Quarter-final 3: 1st group B - 2nd group A Quarter-final 4: 1st group D - 2nd group C Semi-final 1: Winner Q1 - Winner Q4 Semi-final 2: Winner Q2 - Winner Q3 Match for 3rd place: Loser Semi - Loser Semi Final: Winner Semi - Winner Semi A drawing of lots shall decide which team shall be the home team of the final and the bronze match. Qualifying matches for the next World Championships shall be played as follows: Match 1: Loser Q1 - Loser Q4 Match 2: Loser Q2 - Loser Q3 Qualifying match: Winner Match 1 - Winner Match 2 Ranking matches between 9th and 16th place shall be played as follows: Match 1: 4th group A - 4th group B Match 2: 4th group C - 4th group D Match 3: 3rd group A - 3rd group B Match 4: 3rd group C - 3rd group D Match for 15th place: Loser Match 1 - Loser Match 2 Match for 13th place: Winner Match 1 - Winner Match 2 Match for 11th place: Loser Match 3 - Loser Match 4 Match for 9th place: Winner Match 3 - Winner Match 4

4.1.5 Qualification for the Adults World Championships The Qualification is played with continental tournaments. The model of qualification and the amount of places will be based on the number of qualifying teams per continent. The system of the qualification will be decided by the RACC.

4.3 General regulations for both Adult and U19 World Championships

4.3.1 The order of play within each group shall be: 1-2, 3-4, 1-3, 2-4, 1-4, 2-3. The IFF RACC shall allot the number of each team within a group by drawing of lots.

4.3.2 The groups are decided by each team playing each other once within the group, where 2 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

4.3.3 The ranking within a group shall be decided in the following order: a) The total number of points. b) If two or more teams have the same number of points the internal matches of the teams concerned, the internal goal difference included if necessary, shall be decisive. c) If the internal matches according to b) are not decisive, most scored goals internally shall be decisive. d) If the ranking can not be decided by the internal matches, the total goal difference of the teams concerned shall be decisive. e) If the total goal difference is not decisive most scored goals of the teams concerned shall be decisive. f) If most scored goals are not decisive a drawing of lot with the teams concerned shall settle the ranking unless the ranking concerns only the two teams playing a last round match deciding about promotion or relegation when extra time and, if needed, penalty shots shall decide the ranking. The results of all matches versus a team which has missed a match or matches, and lost these by walk over 5-0, shall not have an effect on the final ranking between teams having ended up in the same amount of points, unless the team having missed the match or matches is itself involved.

4.3.4 All matches of the continued play after the group matches shall, when ending with a draw, be decided according to the IFF Rules of the Game concerning extra-time and, if necessary, penalty shots. This shall be valid also for qualifications involving two teams only playing two matches where the qualification, if a draw after two matches, shall be decided by extra time and possible penalty shots following directly after the second match.

4.3.5 The match schedule of a Championship shall be done such that there is least 2 1/2 hours between the start of matches being played on the same rink. In principal a team that plays the last match of the day shall not play the first match the following day.

4.3.6 The organizers are entitled to request to the IFF RACC for changes in the timetable for reasons of television coverage. The teams shall be informed at a justified time before the start of the match concerned.

4.3.7 Teams are entitled to warm up at least 15 minutes on the rink before the start of a match.