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Czech Republic turns game around and wins bronze medal

December 11, 2011

The Czech team won its first medal with an impressive catch-up from 0:2 to 3:2. Switzerland goes away empty-handed at a WFC for the third time in history.

After the big depression owed to the loss in the semi-final, Switzerland was confronted with a horror scenario in the game about place three. The players were very sad that they eventually lost control of the game and a 2:0 score after the 35th minute. Czech Republic was happy that it was able to return in this game and the last period was balanced on a knife’s edge. Switzerland just didn’t shoot good enough to break the Czech goalkeeper. Dominika Stéglovà finally shot the winning goal 8 minutes before the end of the game. The Swiss team was affected by watching how all medals in their host WFC were hanged around the necks of a foreign team.

Switzerland in comfortable leading position

The Swiss team thought it was on a good way after the first goal of Julia Suter 5 minutes into the game. She knew how to exploit a Czech change failure with shooting her eigth goal in a WFC. The Swiss team was constantly cheered by 2520 spectators in the St. Gallen Athletik Zentrum. They dominated the game in the first period. The only negative point was the inaccuracy in their attacks. Czech Republic on the other hand tried to get the ball away from the Swiss team with hard body action. Like in the first period, Switzerland did not use its dominant position at the beginning of the second period. This was especially due to Jana Christianova, who was able to show why most people treat her as best goalkeeper in this WFC. Although the Czech counter attacks were not dangerous, the relief after the second goal for Switzerland shot by Corin Rüttimann was enormous.

The impressive comeback of Czech Republic

Instead of unleashing their full power, the Swiss team lost the domination. It was before the end of the second period, when Czech Republic was successful in their attacks and reached the same score as Switzerland. Iveta Hyrslovà shot a goal in power play (35.) and Hanka Lackovà shot another goal just two minutes later. For the first time in this tournament, the compact Czech team, who mostly made counterattacks, was able to show how cold blooded it is able to be in attacks. From this moment on, the Czech Effort and the Swiss nightmare began. One became desperate looking at how the Swiss team skipped one goal chance after another shortly before the end of the third period.

Czech Republic wins bronze medal

Czech Republic wins bronze medal

© Hans Ulrich Mülchi

SUI Switzerland - Czech Rep.  CZE 2:3 ((1:0 / 1:2 / 0:1))

Athletik-Zentrum, St. Gallen. 2520 spectators. Referees: Heiskanen/Saario
Goals: 5. Suter (Rüttimann) 1:0. 31. Rüttimann (Anderegg) 2:0. 35. Hyršlová (K. Bočanová) 2:1. 37. Lacková (Szotkowská) 2:2. 52. Šteglová (Urbánková) 2:3.
Penalties: Switzerland 2x2'; Czech Rep. no 2'

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