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Red or white?

December 11, 2011

Norway wins after an equated match in penalty shoot 7:6.

Despite the early starting time of the match, both teams showed an entertaining one. The first goal for Poland was scored by Malgorzata Pazio in minute 4. But Norway answered promptly, Kara Farnes scored the equation goal for the Scandinavians. Only some minutes later, Norway scored again and now was leading the match with 2:1.

The Polish team started quite concentrated into the second period and after five minutes they shot the equation goal – new score 2:2. But also team Norway became stronger and had some good goal chances. Finally it was Poland with their player Malgorzata Pazio who shot the 3:2 which was also the second goal of Pazio.

Elizabeth Landsgård from Norway shot her first goal of the tournament during the last period. Once again equation to a score of 3:3. But almost immediately Elżbieta Piotrowska from Poland scored the fourth leading goal. Norway didnt get tired and shot from all possible distances and finally it was Kristine Næss who scored the equation goal for team Norway. Now the overtime should decide the winner of this match

But no goal was shot during the overtime, so the first penalty shoot of this world championship was perfect. Finally team Norway had the better ending, the „golden goal“ was scored by Tone Einstulen who also became best player of team Norway. Norway finishes this years world championship on the 5th place and therefore is directly qualified for the next world championships 2013 in Czech Republic. Poland takes the 6th of this tournament.

NOR Norway - Poland  POL 5:4 a.P. ((2:1 / 0:2 / 2:1 / 0:0))

Athletik-Zentrum, St. Gallen. 386 spectators. Referees: Juul/Kronow
Goals: 4. Pazio (Bryniarska) 0:1. 7. Farnes (Berg) 1:1. 11. Jarmund (Sundvik) 2:1. 25. Kwiecińska (Piotrowska) 2:2. 39. Pazio 2:3. 50. Landsgård (Hagestande) 3:3. 52. Piotrowska (Samson) 3:4. 59. Næss (Berg) 4:4.
Penalties: Norway 2x2'; Poland 2x2'

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