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Sweden wins gold medal due to its dominance

December 11, 2011

Finland’s strong performance was responsible for an exciting final game. Anyhow, Sweden won the WFC with a 4:2 score. The record world champion won five of eight women’s WFCs.

Sweden is the first team, which wins the world championship for the third time in a row. The brilliant finish was set by the team of Jan-Erik Vaara by showing the Finnish team their limits. 228 seconds before end of the game, Karolina Widar shot the crucial 4:2. Before, the victory of Sweden never really was in danger. Finland had to perform an immense effort to get good positions to shoot. What speaks for Finland is that it was the best opponent for Sweden in this WFC. Its good playing style was paired with a solid defence, which often blocked the pass in the slot. With these two teams, the final was balanced.

Finland played clever

Finland’s Laura Kokkos shot the first goal for Finland in the 22nd minute of the match and so the score was changed to 1:2. Soon afterwards, Sara Kristoffersson from Sweden shot a goal and regained the old difference between the scores. After two periods, the score was 3:2 for Sweden. In the physically balanced final, Sweden was provoked to shot an own-goal (38’). Both teams didn’t change their strategy in the third period. Sweden tried to go on with the calm playing style and so couldn’t create many goal opportunities. This approach was successful because the Swedish team could avoid any hastiness. They even didn’t become desperate when Finish goalkeeper Jonna Mäkelä showed her talent. Finland deserves the silber medal for their raise in goal opportunities during the game. Because all people in St. Gallen expected the final game Switzerland – Sweden, no one took notice of the mean start of Finland in this tournament. Against group opponent Latvia, they only played 4:0. After this game, the players unfreezed and won against Poland (13:2) and Czech Republic (6:0).

Floorball in perfection

The fifth WFC victory for Sweden was a demonstration of the Swedish force, but not an easy game. The record goal ratio 87:1 was only reached, because the opponents were overran. If the Swedish team had lessened the effort before the final game, Switzerland would have been a tough opponent. Sweden created its dominance with tactical grasp, the willingness to run and the individual ability of the players. The back-breaking dominance of the Swedish team could be noticed in the final scorer list: Four Swedish players are at the top, Emelie Lindström (9 goals / 16 assists), Therese Karlsson (13 / 8), Sara Kristoffersson (13 / 8) and Amanda Larsson (12 / 3). It seems like the Scandinavians play floorball in perfection. The other WFC participants saw a perfect way of playing this sport. It now is the challenger’s duty to shorten the gap till the WFC 2013 in Czech Republic.

Swedish players are celebrating their victory

Swedish players are celebrating their victory

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SWE Sweden - Finland  FIN 4:2 ((2:0 / 1:2 / 1:0))

Athletik-Zentrum, St. Gallen. 2520 spectators. Referees: Henriksen/Ingebrigtsli
Goals: 8. Eriksson (Scheer) 1:0. 10. Wijk (T. Karlsson) 2:0. 22. Kokko (Uimonen) 2:1. 23. Kristoffersson (Lindström) 3:1. , 38. own goal 3:2. 57. Widar (Wikström) 4:2.
Penalties: Sweden no 2'; Finland no 2'

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